La Pagoda

Phone: 01-829-286-0224

La Pagoda is another well-developed camping and room rental location within prime location of the Potrero. Tent camping is available throughout the grounds and a number of private rooms are available for rent throughout the many buildings. La Pagoda has several pools, a soccer/event field, a communal kitchen and other amenities.

La Pagada is usually empty during the off season and is typically one of the last locations to fill up during the high season. The property is often used for other Mexican events during the warmer months, including weddings and special occasions.

Overall the Pagoda seems a little run down from its hey-day, but is still kept up with a maintenance crew.

Prices as of Jan 30 2011 Pesos USD
Camping 50 $4

Location of La Pagoda

  • jeff

    I had a great time staying at La Pagoda, the staff are great people always ready to help!