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The purpose of potrerochico.org is to facilitate and help grow the important community that has made what El Potrero Chico is today. It is intended to be an online travel guide with information that can be found for first-timers and veterans a like. As a result of increased negative publicity for Mexico in many news sources the popularity of Potrero Chico has decreased recently, and an additional purpose of this website is to dispel myths and ease hesitations of would be travelers.

This site belongs to the route setters, climbers, and people of Hidalgo who have all helped make Potrero Chico the great place it is to day. If you find the information lacking, incomplete, or wrong on this site, please contact us immediately with your suggestions. If you are knowledgeable of the area and would like to make updates we encourage you to contact us for access to edit the articles and let you contribute yourself. We hope this website becomes a useful tool for those who wants to explore everything El Potrero Chico has to offer. Happy climbing!


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