Basic Climbing Spanish

Last updated:Última actualización: October 15, 2016

Brush up on your Spanish before your trip in Mexico with these flashcards specifically for Potrero Chico climbing:

Level 1 Spanish Climbing Vocabulary


Level 2 Spanish Climbing Vocabulary

  • Anonymous

    Yay for Spanish!

  • Heatonhigh06

    some of those cards are incorrect. it’s “el agua” and “el mapa”, as well as some mistranslations such as “week” to “debil” (it should be ‘weak’).

  • The mistranslations have been corrected, thanks so much for the feedback and please let me know of any other problems you find!

  • Uriel

    here are some things I found.

    chalk = magnesia
    chalk-bag = magnesiera or bolsa de magnesia.
    convenience store = tienda de abarrotes (for groceries) beer storage place = depósitoeposure = la exposicióngloves = los guantes
    the range = la sierra
    belay device = el sistema asegurador

  • Thanks, I just fixed most of them!

  • liz

     ayúdame, not ayundame (help me)
    danger is peligro; dangerous is peligroso
    for what it’s worth, there should be an accent in “ténsame”

    fun! 🙂

  • Fixed, thanks!!