This is the most up-to-date climbing guidebook information for El Potrero Chico. Just released in September 2016, this guide features over 600+ routes, including detailed descriptions and high quality topo images so you can find the routes that you really want to get on much easier.

Updates to the guidebook will also be available through the Rakkup app so that future route information can be added immediately to your guidebook once available from the author.

A printed version of the book will be available Winter 2016/2017.

The guidebook also has an Introduction section in it for guidebook information. In this there is info on When To Go, How To Get There, Where To Stay, Where to Eat (most importantly) and Emergency Information to help keep the climbers safer in case of injury from a climbing accident.

The guidebook is up for sale on for $15.99 USD.

  • Hugo

    Hi !!! Someone knows if a printed version of this book is available ?

  • I am not sure, but have just emailed the author / guy who wrote this page

  • G. Clark

    Misspellings are now so common on the web that nobody seems to care. I care. Potrero Chico means “Little Corral”, not “Little Coral” as indicated on this page. Coral grows in the ocean in reefs. (At least it used to before man’s activities warmed the oceans to the point that most of the reefs are dying.)

  • thanks for the correction, i have fixed it. please keep in mind that i made this website in my free time while staying at Potrero Chico… as a volunteer. At the time I mostly spoke/studied Spanish so my English was rusty.