This guide book written by the legendary Potrero route setter Magic Ed was the only book that is updated annually. It was by far the most accurate and complete guide book for the area with the newest routes listed and detailed multi-pitch topos drawn. Sadly Magic Ed passed away recently and this book is no longer in publication.

In the past it could be bought at various places around Potrero Chico, most notably at the office of La Posada or directly from Magic Ed and his van. Buying this book supports the maintenance and expansion of Potrero Chico routes.

  • G. Clark

    By now most people know that Ed is no longer with us. If you click on the link above, you will get a parasitic web site that some vultures have created to try to profit from Ed’s great work. I don’t know if the guidebook is still available. I have a previous copy that I got directly from Ed many years ago. It was very useful.