Community Outreach

Last updated:Última actualización: October 15, 2016

Local kids and a climber on trash cleanup day

Park Cleanup
Every year programs are organized together by both locals and climbers to clean up the park and to give locals kids a chance to try climbing. This is a great opportunity to give back to the community and show our gratefulness for Hidalgo’s continuing support of climbers in their canyon. Notable leaders in organizing these evens have been Magic Ed, his wife and local school teacher Alicia Puente. In addition to volunteering time at these events, these organizers are also looking for gear donations.

Cultural Exchange
El Buho is a new coffee shop down the street from the grocery store whose purpose is to provide a common ground for locals and international climbers. The city’s main square, the Plaza Central, is a great place to chill on park benches, people watch and, if your Spanish is decent, strike up conversation. Homero’s is a good place to try on the weekends to met more of the local climbing crowd.

Dog Rescue Program
Potrero Pups is a program started by Magic Ed, Tammy and Doty to help starving dogs and puppies find new homes.

Climbing Community Representatives
Magic Ed and his wife Tammy are the defacto representatives of Potrero Chico to the locals citizens of Hidalgo. He has been vital in the continual survival of Potrero Chico as a climbing mecca. The owners of La Posada including Louis and Luly are also arguably Potrero Chico climbing representatives, despite not being climbers themselves.